Located in the mouth of the Keila River on the opposite bank of Keila-Joa Castle. During the First Republic of Estonia, the area belonged to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the 1930s, the architect Roman Koolmar designed classical-style private houses for summer living in the area, 4 of which were log houses, 2 stone houses. Originally, they were intended for guests of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to rest in order to create a positive image of the Republic of Estonia. Later, they became available to ministers until the end of the Soviet era. Later, the houses were privatized.

There is a well-functioning non-profit association in the Meremõisa residential area, which organizes the guarding, cleaning and other administrative issues of the territory.
The area has asphalt roads, its own water / canal network and constant year-round maintenance.
The area is completely rare and there is no other such thing in Harju County, especially in terms of beautiful nature, as there is a high pine forest, a relief landscape, a lighted other, a private sandy beach and a river with a harbor.


Within walking distance there is a beautiful Keila-Joa Castle, a picturesque waterfall and a park.
The main house of the castle has been renovated. There is a restaurant and year-round
exhibitions and cultural events. This makes the whole area attractive and highly valued. About 30
km to Tallinn. In Laulasmaa there is a school-kindergarten, restaurants and a SPA.



The Meremõisa Village is located in the middle of beautiful nature, only a 30-minute drive from Tallinn, and Meremõisa Villa is located on the property at Näikneiu tee 27. The property is located in a highly valued and prestigious 24-hour security area, where the privacy and peace of the local population is considered important.


This very good quality house is located on a private property by the sea. The house has a total living space of 383.70 m2, which makes it ideal for families with children. The house is surrounded by a plot of 3120 m2 with nice landscaping with beautiful pine trees. The house is only 100m from the sea.

In the immediate vicinity of the house there is a wharf, where it is a good opportunity to berth with your yacht, boat or watercraft.